Lamb Jam 2016

Lamb Jam 2016

San Francisco Lamb Jam – 7.17.16

The Golden Gate Club

135 Fisher Loop San Francisco, CA 94129

The American Lamb Jam is an epic tasting event and competition that brings together talented chefs in each of the five tour cities to compete for the honor of Best Lamb Dish in their market and the chance to attend the finale where the 5 winning chefs battle for the title of “Lamb Jam Master.”

Joining the chefs at each of the Lamb Jam events are local breweries, winemakers and other local food artisans serving up tasty treats. Between bites, attendees can watch butcher demos, play in the interactive photo booth, meet local lamb shepherds and concoct their very own lamb spice rub.

Our Global Flavors theme challenges the Lamb Jam contenders to cook outside of their culinary comfort zones. Chefs will be divided into 4 categories: Mediterranean, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern cuisine to see whose worldly lamb dish will reign supreme.

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